• Donna L. Berry, PhD, RN, AOCN, FAAN

    Donna L. Berry, PhD, RN, AOCN, FAAN
    Director, The Phyllis F. Cantor Center for Nursing Research
    Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

    Phone: 617-632-1909
    Email: donna_berry@dfci.harvard.edu


    Research Department

    Phyllis F. Cantor Center

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    450 Brookline Avenue
    Boston, MA 02215


    I completed my undergraduate education at Baylor University and hold graduate degrees from the University of Texas at Houston and the University of Washington. My commitment to improving care of the person with cancer has spanned over three decades, beginning with my work as an oncology staff nurse and continuing with my mentorship activities and current leadership in designing, implementing, evaluating, and teaching patient-centered oncology practices. My scholarship has been presented locally, nationally and internationally and published in nursing, medical and interdisciplinary journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine. I am often asked to speak and contribute in international venues, notably Switzerland, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. Recently at the University of Washington, I mentored clinicians and students from several disciplines and of all levels. I held a clinical appointment as the first Nurse Researcher at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

    I have pioneered in two important areas: patient-centered oncology care and nursing leadership within oncology research. To implement my patient-centered care paradigm, I formulated an interdisciplinary team and then led that team to successfully design and implement accessible, computerized tools to assess symptom experiences and quality of life variables. I led another large, multi-disciplinary team to develop, produce and test the first and only Internet intervention based on personal factors to support treatment decision-making by men with prostate cancer. Recognized by nomination to and election to Fellowship in the American Academy of Nursing, I have assumed increasing leadership and responsibility for transforming health care. As director of the DFCI Cantor Center, these responsibilities will be achieved in oncology nursing. 


    Education and Training
    Baylor University (BSN), 1978
    University of Texas, Houston, TX (MSN), 1981
    University of Washington, Seattle, WA (PhD Nursing Science), 1992

    Texas RN Licensure (inactive), 1978
    Washington RN Licensure, 1987
    Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse (AOCN), 2001


    • Clinical Research Award, The Association of Community Cancer Centers, 2012
    • Distinguished Researcher Award, Oncology Nursing Society, 2011
    • Dean's Colloquium, University of Massachusetts-Worcester, 2009
    • Keynote address at 10th National Cancer Nursing Research Conference, Orlando, 2009
    • Distinguished Researcher Award, University of Washington School of Nursing, 2008
    • Oncology Nursing Society Excellence in Nursing Informatics Award, 2006
    • Fellow, American Academy of Nursing, 2005
    • Commencement Speaker, University of Washington, Bothell, 2003
    • Myrene C. McAninch Term Professor, University of Washington School of Nursing, 2003

    Select Publications

    • Petrylak, D., Tangen, C., Hussain, M., Lara, P., Jones, J., Taplin, M., Burch, P, Berry, D., Moinpour, C., et al. (2004) Comparison of docetaxel and estramustine with mitoxantrone and prednisone for metastatic androgen-independent prostate cancer. New Engl J Med, 351, 1513-20.
    • Berry, DL, Moinpour, CM, Pauler Ankerst, D, Jiang, CS, Petrylak, DP, Vinson, LV, Lara, PN,  Lanier, S,  Taplin, ME, Burch, PA, Hussain, MHA and Crawford, ED. (2006)  Quality of life and pain in advanced stage prostate cancer: results of a Southwest Oncology Group randomized trial comparing Docetaxel/estramustine to Mitoxantrone/prednisone. J Clin Oncology, 24(18):2828-35.
    • Berry, DL, Ellis, WJ, Russell, KJ, Blasko, JC, Bush, N. Blumenstein, BA, Lange, PH. Factors That Predict Treatment Choice and Satisfaction with the Decision in Men with Localized Prostate Cancer. Clinical Genitourinary Cancer 2006; 5: 219-226.
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    • Tariman JD, Berry DL, Cochrane B, Doorenbos A, Schepp K. Preferred and actual participation roles during health care decision making in persons with cancer: a systematic review. Ann Oncol. 2009 Nov 25. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 19940010
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    • Demiris G, Parker Oliver D, Washington K, Thomas Fruehling L, Haggarty-Robbins D, Doorenbos A, Wechkin H, Berry D. A Problem Solving Intervention for Hospice Caregivers: A Pilot Study. J Pall Med (In press, accepted 3/10).
    • Allen JD, Othus MKD, Hart A Jr., Li Y, Berry D, Bowen D. A randomized trial of computer-tailor decision aid to improve prostate cancer screening: Results from the Take the Wheel Trial. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, (In press, accepted 6/10).